Date of Event: Saturday April 16, 2022

Location of Event: Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park

Chiefs of Event: Roy Strum and Harri Ulmer


About the event:

This ski event is part of the longest running LGBTQ Multi Sport Event in North America. Registering in this event includes:

Participation in a very gay competitive or recreational ski event at the Canmore Nordic Centre on Saturday April 16 - 10am arrival; 11am start time.

Choose to either ski the 5 km Competitive event or you can join in and have fun skiing in the recreational event. A description of the events are listed below

Immediately after such a fine and fabulous ski around 12 noon there will be a wine, beer and cheese social right there in the Biathlon Building at the Canmore Nordic Centre

But there is more… Included with your registration is also the following great Western Cup freebies:

Event Details


10:00 - arrival, check in at Biathlon Building, Canmore Nordic Centre


Event #1 - Interval start 5km Competitive Ski race - for everyone wanting this to look and feel like a ski race

  • 30 second interval start

  • 3x1.5k loop


Event #2 - Non competitive ski (drag race) event - for everyone not wanting this to look and feel like a ski race

  • 1.5k loop

  • Mass start

  • 4 skill based stations on course - falling and rising; downhill tuck; star turns; step turn

  • 1 very gay station - when all participants have arrived at final station, they will drag race the final 100 meters - all participants will wear a wig and put on some tuck tape (rupaul's drag race style) - then race down the run way to the finish line - wig and tuck tape will be provided



Event #3 - Relay event

  • 4 person teams - 2 skiers from competitive event paired with two skiers from recreational event -this may be modified pending registration numbers

  • skier #1 and #3 will ski the competitive loop 1.5k; skier #2 and 4 will race a 300m recreational loop.

  • Teams will be created based on the results of Events #1 and #2. e.g. the fastest skier from the competitive event will be partnered with the last place finisher in the recreational event. 2nd place finisher from competitive event will be partnered with 2nd last finisher from the recreational event.

  • Racers can earn a 60 second time deduction if they are wearing Daisy Dukes and a Crop Top Shirt - this is about Gayin it Up.



  • no ground transportation is being organized to get participants from Calgary to Canmore.

  • if you need a ride, please contact the event organizer - we may be able to arrange a car pool situation


Registration and Event Fees

  • $30 - registration is at

  • Registration fee includes:

  • a ticket for the Western Cup Athlete Registration event Thursday, April 14, 2022

  • a ticket to the Western Cup Athlete Social event - Friday, April 15, 2022

  • two events as part of the Western Cup ski tournament

  • a wine and cheese social (including beer) post event in the Biathlon building


Optional fees

  • as part of registration you can choose to opt in to purchasing a ticket ($25) for the Western Cup Dance at the Hyatt Regency taking place 9pm onwards on Saturday April 16. This is the largest gay dance of the year in Calgary.

  • Registration fee does not include:

  • day pass at Canmore Nordic Centre - $15

  • parking permit - each vehicle needs to have purchased a Kananaskis Conservation Permit - $90