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The information below relates to Western Cup 39, which has come to a close. We'll see you next year!

Western Cup - Cross Country Skiing

April 7-8, 2023

Hosted by Calgary Gay Ski and Social


Join us at the Canmore Nordic Centre on Saturday April 8, 2023 for a super fun day of cross country ski racing. No experience required. This is a very novice friendly event. We are pleased to be back for a second year of involvement in Western Cup.




Thursday, April 6


Registration Mixer - hosted by Western Cup


Friday, April 7


Snow Squall Gay it Up Social  - starting at 7pm and hosted by Calgary Gay Ski and Social - In true gay style, join us for a beer or cocktail at a quiet lounge in downtown Calgary for our pre-event information session. No cover charge - buy your own beer.


One Night in Monaco, a multi sport event starting at 9pm and organized by the Western Cup organizing committee. Who doesn't want to drink a few beers to be best prepared for some skiing the next day (entry is included in registration).


Saturday, April 8


Events - Canmore Nordic Centre - Biathlon Stadium


930am - 5km Skate race - interval start - 30 second time deduction for wearing daisy duke shorts and a crop top


1000am - 5km Classic race - mass start - 30 second time deduction for wearing your pride colours


1030am - 2km Drag race - intended for skiers who are newer to skiing - get your drag on - 30 second time deduction for skiers wearing a wig and something sparkly


1100am - 3 person relay - 30 second time deduction per skier wearing your daisy dukes and crop tops. Teams will be assigned some drag queen hair and pass the wig like a baton on each leg of the relay. Wigs must be on a skier's head while skiing and crossing the finish line


King (or Queen) of the Vikings event - Same Day Pursuit - Vikings are about as gay sexy as it gets - here is your chance to braid your beard, wear a viking helmet, and roar your manliness (or womanliness) at the world - race in both the 5km skate, and the 5km classic - time will be added for both events - awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Daisy Duke and Crop Top event - this 5k skate includes showing some leg and sexy core - intended for anyone who wants to look sexy while skating 5k - medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd


Wear your Pride event - this 5k classic event includes wearing your pride colours - intended for everyone who feels pride in being who they are - medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Drag Race event -this 2k classic event includes putting on your glamourous drag - a wig at a minimum, but you can take it from there. This event is intended for skiers who don't identify as a racer - we could call it a recreational event, but we know when you get on the runway, you want your hair blowing in the wind and the spotlight to be on you - medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd


3 person relay - balanced teams will be made following the end of the individual races. a 30 second per person deduction will be made for skiers wearning their daisy duke shorts and crop tops shirts - medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Post race social - After the races,during awards, join us for a glass of wine, or a beer and some cheese and crackers in a meeting room in the Canmore Nordic Centre Daylodge.



Western Cup Dance - buy your tickets at


Awards - Western Cup Awards will be presented to the following categories

 King of the Vikings  - same day pursuit

Daisy Duke and Crop Top 5k Skate event

Wear your Pride 5k Classic event

Drag Race 2k event

3 person relay


no ground transportation is being organized to get participants from Calgary to Canmore.  

if you need a ride, please contact the event organizer - we may be able to arrange a car pool situation


Registration and Event Fees

Registration fee includes:

a ticket for the Western Cup  Athlete Registration event - Thursday, April 6, 2023

a ticket to the Western Cup One Night in Monaco event - Friday, April 7, 2023

multiple events as part of the Western Cup ski tournament

a wine and cheese social (including beer) post event 

Optional fees

as part of registration you can choose to opt in to purchasing a ticket for the Western Cup Dance at the Hyatt Regency taking place 9pm onwards on Saturday April 8.


This is the largest 2SLGBTQ+ dance of the year in Calgary.

Registration fee does not include:

day pass at Canmore Nordic Centre - $7.50

parking permit  - each vehicle needs to have purchased a Kananaskis Conservation Permit - $90

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