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The information below relates to Western Cup 39, which has come to a close. We'll see you next year!

The Western Cup 39 bowling tournament takes place at Let's Bowl on 2916 5th Ave NE in Calgary—easily reachable by car or Calgary Transit through Marlborough Station. Let’s Bowl provides hours of fun for adults and kids alike with 30 spacious lanes of 10-pin bowling—it’s a complete family entertainment centre!

Friday: Apr 7, 2023 - Individuals and Doubles bowling events: 

8:30am - Check-in 

(Get settled on your lane; free coffee and donuts and purchase dark horse doubles & 50/50 tickets.)


9:00am - Individuals bowling event begins (3 games)


Approx 11:45am - lunch break

(Let's Bowl will offer a “quick lunch”. Details to be provided closer to the tournament))


Approx 12:45pm - Fun-Bowl Event

4 teams of 2 bowlers compete in an event for fun and giggles – prizes awarded for best score and participation


Approx 1:00pm - Doubles bowling event begins (3 games)

(We will be selling 50/50 tickets throughout the day and will award some money during the day)



Saturday: April 8, 2023 - Team bowling event:

11:30am - Check in, 

(Lane assignments, purchase dark horse doubles,50/50 tickets)


12:00 - Strike it Rich 

Immediately following - Team bowling event (3 games)


Approx 4:00pm - medals awarded, dark horse doubles payout, 50/50 and door prize draws.


Registration is $100. Registration fee includes:

  • Lineage for all 9 games

  • Participation in All Events prize category

  • Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all prize categories including All Events

  • Cash prizes for all prize categories (minimum top 3 places paid) including All Events

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